Welcome to our Cooking For Groups cookbook, including  successful recipes we have used or developed ourselves to prepare meals for large groups of 25, 50, or 100 portions. We thank all the generous cooks who willingly share their recipes so others can carry on with preparation of meals for large groups.

These recipes have been collected from many different sources over the years as we have found cookbooks printed by cooks who prepare large meals for church dinners, summer camps, and other situations where a lot of appetites come together for a delicious meal. And, now, the Internet has made it much easier to find help when it comes time to put together something a little different at meal time.

To browse this collection of Group Recipes, simply click on the links at the top of this page. You can always return to this home page by clicking on “Home.” To visit our other cookbook site, featuring home meals, visit www.morecooking.net. Enjoy! And, please, let us hear from you!

Legal Disclaimer:

According to our attorney, we shouldn’t, and therefore don’t, recommend any of the recipes, ingredients, techniques or practices herein. Nor do we recommend you try any of the recipes, ingredients, techniques or practices described or displayed herein, even if we have served it to you and you know how gosh darn good it is!

Large Stock PotCook’s Note: By the way, for home cooks, keep in mind that when we say a “large” pot, we mean a LARGE stock pot! The photo at the right is our oldest grandson, who accompanied us on a visit to a restaurant supply house, and was taken with the size of the equipment. He couldn’t help but try to lift this stock pot, which as you can see here, even at age seven, he could do. He has always enjoyed helping with prep for making cookies and mixing batters, so he’s going to be a great help in the kitchen one of these days!

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